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Working on My Heart and Emotions

Working on My Heart and Emotions

Working on My Heart and Emotions

Ms. M.M. (from Tokyo)

One day I came across Ryokyu sensei’s book Tao Shiatsu: Life Medicine for the 21st Century. The book shows how Tao Shiatsu was structured through Ryokyu sensei’s realizations from his training and experience based on Oriental medical philosophy. Its contents may be criticized by some people, but I felt that it was easier to understand compared to some academic Oriental medicine books. I also felt pulled in by an empathic feeling. I actually loved it so much that I recommended it to my friend.

Finally, when I began to wish to receive Tao Shiatsu and realized that it was possible, I didn’t hesitate to try it.

When I was in my late thirties, my hair began to turn gray, and in my forties, my eyesight became so weak that I required glasses, and my hair became thin as well.

I began to think that I was being affected by kidney Ki, which weakens life energy, according to a book I read about Oriental medicine philosophy. So I thought, “What can I do about this?” I started to eat black beans, which nourish kidney Ki, but the speed of aging went faster than my ability to contain it based on my poor knowledge.

That’s why, when I decided to receive Tao Shiatsu, I had very little expectation that it would help. What can help deal with the slow invader called “aging” outside of empathy and acceptance?

I have had four treatments. There were no obvious improvements, such as being able to see close objects or not losing too much hair, and so on, but I have had very interesting experiences nonetheless.

It simply feels good to receive Tao Shiatsu treatment. On top of that, after receiving the basic form and feeling the Jaki (unnecessary energy) that was flowing through my Kyo (deficient) Meridian toward the tips of my fingers, it made me feel light. My mind and body became very refreshed.

At my second treatment, I was asked about my ankle, which I broke about 15 years ago and long since forgot about because it hasn’t been painful. But, somehow, it started to hurt the day after my treatment. I informed my therapist and was told that old wounds are often suppressed before they can completely heal and they need to reappear or resurface in order to heal properly. I sensed how mysterious my body was; I love my body.

After the third treatment, I realized that I had to confront a weak part of myself, of my personality. It was a shock that I hadn’t realized it and hadn’t thought about it for such a long time: I criticize myself too much.

I just hung on until my fourth treatment. I was tense and stiff, but while receiving the basic form of Tao Shiatsu, which made me relax, my heart also started to relax. I told the therapist that I realized that I was very critical of myself, and it was so hard to bear. Then I was told that I should just accept myself without criticism. And as I tried to do this and continued to do it, my situation began to change. Hidden and suppressed issues such as my ankle wound and the weakness of my heart, my feelings about myself, continue to come to the surface and appear to be healed through receiving Tao Shiatsu, even without my being conscious of it.

I think the purpose of Tao Shiatsu treatment is to heal symptoms in the body, but at the same time, the cause of those symptoms also gets healed. I have only had four treatments, but have experienced constant chances to change myself. I feel a sense of expectation and am willing to observe the way my heart and body are and where they are going.

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