Today I’d like to talk about true human nature.

“Human nature” usually means “what makes people human” or “what the essence of a human being is.”

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them.”
— Genesis 1:27

The creation 2

We learned from Genesis that human essence is divine. 

Afterward, many philosophers, anthropologists, and even biologists and scientists wanted to define what humans are.

Some define us genetically, some say we are formed by our environment, others say it’s education, others through our being good (behaviour), some say it’s how we create a society, and still others say it’s determined by our minds.

Anyway, as time went by, it seemed like human beings became separated from divine. But nowadays, there’s the idea of “anthropic principle,” from physics, and the basic idea is that “the universe is fitted to human beings because the universe is made for human beings.”

If the universe is made for human beings, according to the preceding idea, we are the same as god; we have the same ability as god. Is this idea disrespectful and irreverent toward god? But if we have the same ability as god and we just live selfishly in a greedy survival state, I think this is more disrespectful and irreverent toward god.

anthropic principle

“We have the same ability as god to create the future as we’d like it to be.”

Don’t you think this is a great statement!? I was excited when I heard this.

But there is a caution in that idea that must be heeded: “If you create a positive image about the future, then positive things will happen in the future; if you create a negative image of the future, negative things will happen in the future.” 

So it depends on our daily thoughts. If I have negative thoughts and say negative things and do negative things in my daily life, then my future will be negative. But if I create positive images, and my words and actions are also positive, then my future will be very happy.

This simple structure is the true meaning of the theory of “Cause and Effect” or “Action and Reaction.” And the creation. So you can create the future through your images (as your action), and then it will happen (as in a reaction). This theory applies not only to physics and the material world, it also operates in the spiritual world. Actually, this is the true nature of the world.

And happiness multiplies when it is shared with others. You can’t be truly happy if you are only happy for yourself; when the people around you are smiling and happy, then you will be truly happy.

Therefore, true human nature is “to create a happy future” through taking responsibility for your own actions, words, and images, and sharing them with others in positive ways. 

If you’d like to learn more, go to this YouTube video:

The video shows my teacher’s Dharma talk called “Awakening!”
It’s about 16 minutes long. If you watch it, you’ll learn more details about this secret of human nature!

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