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What Is the Meaning of Spirituality?

I got asked this question a couple days ago, and it kept spinning in my mind.

It’s a very simple question. The definition of “spirituality” in the dictionary is: “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

I don’t think that person would be satisfied with this answer. I think his question was more about “How to Be?” or “How to live spiritually?”

He told me that he really wants to live spiritually but something stops him. Something…like fear? Maybe yes. Is he scared to do something different from the past? Does he just want to live as usual and not step outside his comfort zone? Maybe to break free he would need courage, strong motivation, and determination. But maybe not. Maybe he just needs to listen deeply to his heart.

Sometimes when a new patient comes for Tao Shiatsu treatment, I talk about “What human beings are made of.” We are energy beings, rather than physical beings. If we were only physical beings, then death would be the end, and nothing would come afterward. But if we are energy beings, then death is not scary anymore. After death, we just go back to the source and come back to this world with another body. I’d prefer to think that we are energy beings. You can say that energy is spirit. So we are also spiritual beings.

Therefore, the answer was already contained in his question. He is living in the state of physical beings. That is why his question comes up, and why he can’t live as spiritually as he would like.

Future? Past?

How to live spiritually?

Live in the future.
Imagine the future you want to have and you want to live. That’s all.

The opposite is living in the past. You decide and think based on the past, whatever you experienced, felt, and heard. It’s living in the memory. Chained to the past. A lot of people are living in this state. And they make a lot of excuses such as, “Because I was, or I had, or someone told me, or did to me …”. I think that these words make you feel heavy, right?

Life is a choice, in each moment. Depending on if you choose things based on the past or based on the future, this makes who you are and how you are.

Through Ki meditative practice, you can feel through bodily sensation whether a person’s Ki (energy) is comfortable or not. Anybody can feel this sensation, because we are energy beings. However, when someone lives in the past, their mind is stuck within the physical/material world, and they tend to deny what they feel.

Let’s live in the future you want to have. It’s so much brighter, lighter, and free.

Kenchi Mogi

Break the Chain of the Past, Be Free!

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