More than twenty years ago, one of my patients was a well known psychoanalyst.

I was learning psychotherapy. At first, I received a dream interpretation from him. He suffered from ureteral calculus, and later it became his turn to receive a Tao Shiatsu treatment.

Ureteral calculus is a disease in which stones gets clogged in the urinary tract. It is very painful during an attack. Because of this pain and suffering, he consulted me about it.

When I performed sho diagnosis on him, he was Kidney Kyo. It seemed his body could no longer carry the weight of stress and caused this disease.

After he received about ten treatments, he told me that when he was urinating he had heard the sound of a stone hitting the toilet.

This was during a time when I had a small practice at my apartment in Tokyo.

By Ryokyu Endo

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