Shiatsu Treatment

Treatment Benefits Include:

  • Maintaining health and optimizing general well-being the alleviation of physical
    and psychological stress.
  • Boosting energy levels by releasing blockages in energy circulation.
  • Preventing energetic imbalances from developing into symptoms of illness.

How Will I Feel After Treatment?

People usually report feeling a heightened awareness of their body, and a calm, ‘lightness’ at the completion of a treatment. Relief from, or the elimination of pain and symptoms may be immediate or occur in the days following the session, or over the course of a few treatments.

Often even after only one treatment, the favorable Menken response might manifest. This occurs when therapy results in expelling the toxins within the body. It allows emotions and ailments that had until then been suppressed to surface and manifest as symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, diarrhea, or other symptoms. In order to cure one level of a disorder, Menken response is often manifested.