Tao Shiatsu Introductory Course

For those interested in learning more about the deep healing of Tao Shiatsu:

This 40-hour Introductory Course will start September 29 and 30, 2018,(One weekend a month x3).
Participants will study the basic principles of Tao Shiatsu and have hands-on practice of all the elements of Tao Shiatsu, including Meridian Yoga, Renki (similar to Tao Chi), Aiki, Ki & Heart work, Tsubos, Meridians, and a Basic Shiatsu Form.

Please visit the Study Tao Shiatsu and/or Course Curriculum in the Home page of this site to learn more.
Please register in advance.
Fee: $400 + HST

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Tao Sangha Healing Centre Toronto
375 Jane St, Toronto
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