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Tao Shiatsu, a Loving Shiatsu Therapy

K.H (female in her fifties, lives in Yokohama, Japan)

For almost 20 years, I was so sensitive to cold temperatures, that my feet were cold all year round. Even when people around me complained of the heat, I often felt cold. The worst was when it was very hot outside. I had to wear a down jacket in the office where the air-conditioning was on a bit too high for my comfort. In addition, to this cold sensitivity, I experienced other trying symptoms, such as a weak stomach, chronic fatigue, and headaches. I often had to stay home, sick, in bed.

In an attempt to find a way to heal, I sought various types of treatments in Doctor’s offices and massage in spas. While receiving the massages, I felt good and even dozed off. But the original symptoms would come back again a few days later. None of the treatments seemed effective for very long, so I kept searching for the best way to heal my condition.

Then one day, as I was browsing the internet for information about channels in the body, through which energy flows, I came across a book by Mr. Endo and the website for Tao Shiatsu. I read the book right away and intuitively felt that this therapy was the real treatment that would help me to improve energy flow to heal disease. I made an appointment for treatments at once During my first treatment, the thing that stood out most was how open the therapist was to feeling exactly where my body wished to be pressed. Each time I was about to say, “That’s it! That’s the place I really wanted to be pressed,” that’s where the therapist pressed. It made me feel good to be so understood. A feeling of deep satisfaction remained with me after treatment. I thought to myself “Tao Shiatsu is a loving shiatsu therapy.”

I received several treatments, and with each one I felt strange sensations both during and after treatment. For example, as the therapist was pressing my right leg, I felt lightning-like vibrations in the toes and arch of my left foot, knee, thigh, and even in the arm and hand! Sometimes, the vibrations were joined by a cool sensation running up to my waist. It was as if a cold wind had blown through my body.

I’ll always remember what it was like to sense the energy vibrations for the first time. It was a profound experience for me. Soon after, the stiffness in my back disappeared and I began to feel better. I worried that the stiffness would return again in a few days, but it didn’t. Next the number of headaches diminished and I began to feel less sensitive to cold and fatigue.

In addition to the healing of the physical symptoms, I gradually began to notice that my state of mind began to improve. Even when stress built up and I got depressed, I was able to turn it around and quickly re-balance. I think it was because, after each treatment, the therapist really listened to me. It was a very soothing time for me, and

I felt so relieved that the therapist always wished me the very best.
Since beginning to receive periodic Tao Shiatsu treatments, I’ve begun to realize just how important it is to, not only find a therapist to help me keep energy flowing freely through my channels, but to also take responsibility for how energy flows through my daily life. It seems to me, any chronic disease is something that grows hidden within for many years and so it takes time to be healed completely.

Currently, I have been receiving regular treatments and have begun to study Tao Shiatsu. In class I’ve sensed that the way one holds one’s mind, greatly affects one’s life. I think if a self-help plan to improve a person’s state of mind, his/her relationship with their body, and nutrition and eating habits, would include regular

Tao Shiatsu treatments, the person would build enough power/energy to have his/her dreams and mission in life come true.

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