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Sudden Outbreak of Atopic Dermatitis

Sudden Outbreak of Atopic Dermatitis

K.T. (30-year-old female from western Tokyo)

A few years ago, I had a sudden outbreak of atopic dermatitis. When the symptoms were severe, I used a dermatologist-prescribed medicine and ointment until the symptoms got better, and then I would stop using the medications. This summer the dermatitis on my face got worse. It was constantly itchy and I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I was feeling down about this when my roommate recommended Tao Shiatsu to me.
At the first treatment when the practitioner asked me whether it would be possible to think about discontinuing use of the medication in order to get an accurate measurement of the Tao Shiatsu treatment, I was hesitant. I honestly didn’t know whether I could continue with the Tao Shiatsu treatments without also using medication. But I later made up my mind to have faith in Tao Shiatsu. I quit taking my Chinese medicine and started weekly treatment.
Now, three months later, my dermatitis is better. At a dermatologist’s office the doctor usually only takes only a few minutes to prescribe medication, but with Tao Shiatsu the practitioner devoted himself to me in each one-hour treatment. I also felt understood and supported. I am so glad that I trusted Tao Shiatsu.

Comment by the attending practitioner

When K.T. visited us for the first time, she seemed to be suffering a lot. Maybe it was from overwork; it seemed to me that her body, expressing itself with the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, was overstressed and worn out and that it was ready to give up.
At her second treatment, K.T. said that she had stopped taking medication for her condition. People who suffer from atopic dermatitis usually take medication because of the unbearable itchiness. They describe how hard it is to let go of their medicine, and this was the case with K.T. too. When I asked her whether she could quit taking her medication, her expression was full of uncertainty. But she said that she pushed her doubts aside and stopped taking the medication. I was surprised by her determination.
I prayed for K.T., who has trusted her own vitality and Tao Shiatsu in order to recover completely.
Fortunately, her workload calmed down and her symptoms gradually improved. K.T. has been relieved from the itchiness she felt and now there are more chances to see her smile.

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