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Sense of Wonder

Your Sense of Wonder

“Your Sense of Wonder”

Sometimes the phrase “sense of wonder” is used in science fiction, and it’s also part of the title of Rachel Carson’s book The Sense of Wonder, but here I’m using it in its literary sense, to mean a kind of curiosity. What I mean is, it’s like a kid full of questions. Maybe children wander into a field and find something, then deeply gaze at it with great consideration. Maybe it’s nothing of interest to an adult. It might be a patch of grasses, weeds, or flowers; a column of marching ants; swooping butterflies; swaying trees; or moving clouds. Children will look at these natural wonders so intensely, with their whole existence held in their attention.

We usually say, when we get older, that we’ve lost our sense of wonder, that we’ve become boring adults.

Really? We don’t all have to be this way. And I know some people who are not. So, we can live with a sense of wonder.

We are living in extraordinary times. Many are struggling to figure out what to trust and what not to trust, who speaks the truth and who spreads lies.

I think many people have given up, stopped thinking for themselves, and have lost their sense of wonder. They just follow what others say, then become a boring adult, a follower of TV commentators and news headlines — they become sheep.

Actually, if they became sheep, it would be better, because they are no harm to others. But when their sense of justice and victimhood connect, they start to accuse those who have other opinions. They forget the possibility that they’ll become an aggressor. They start to judge people and situations and put labels on them. And if someone points this out, they complain and say “You are judging me.”

This is a very standard ego trick, and if people don’t recognize the ego inside themselves, it easily happens. The ego is always looking for easy happiness, for the short moment. If you look for long-term happiness, the ego is held, and you can see the possibility that you could be an aggressor; if you don’t hold ego, you might be able to hurt people and insist on demanding your rights and your feelings — this is the mind of a victim.

One of the laws of the universe is causality. Cause and effect. And it works not only on the physical level, it actually works with energy and on a spiritual level, too.

So be careful. If you judge someone, you’ll feel somebody is judging you, too. Actually, no one is judging you, but you’ll think so because what you do in the world is reflected back to you. Sorry, let me rephrase that. Actually, everyone judges in some way, but if you don’t judge, then you’ll not be bothered by what people say. You’ll be able to focus on more interesting things.

This sense of wonder that I’m talking about connects to the topic of my last blog, “Don’t Let Your Brain Freeze — Keep Thinking!” It’s about not stopping thinking. When you stop thinking, the door to wonderland is closed, and you’ll become a boring adult. Keep the door to wonderment open, be curious. The world is full of wonder, and this is connected to your true self. Finding your true self is the most exciting journey you can imagine!

Your true self is contained deep inside your ego. You need to find and connect to your true self; otherwise, you’ll be run by your ego or someone will control you by stimulating your ego with fear.

How can you do this?

Buddhist teachings say to contain your ego and have faith in the Three Treasures.

The Three Treasures are Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. When Buddhism first began, the meaning of Buddha was Shakyamuni Buddha (the first Buddha), the Dharma was his teachings, and the Sangha was his practice community. Later on, the meaning of Buddha developed to become the Universal Spirit, Dharma became the law of the Universe, and the Sangha included all beings. And now, in Tao Sangha, we include all these meanings, plus Buddha as our internal Buddha, Dharma as all sacred teachings, and Sangha as all sacred Bodhisattvas, devas, guardian angels, saints, and masters.

A simple way to achieve this is to clear the cloud of ego that covers your true self, feel God within you, and have faith. In this way you can connect to the child’s heart inside you, and you’ll feel a sense of wonder, like a child.

I found today’s prayer on Telegram:

“Trust your instincts.”

“Today’s world requires the exercise of a high level of discernment. The best direction in exercising discernment comes from God. Pray and ask Jesus who to believe. He knows the answer. Listen and He will tell you.”

May you find Buddha (God) within yourself, may you listen and follow the light.

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