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Relief from Arm Pain

Relief from Arm Pain

T.N. (male in his fifties, lives in Maikata)

My upper arm and elbow started to throb with pain a year ago. It became so painful that I couldn’t sleep well at night. The doctor I went to see diagnosed my illness as tennis elbow. After that, I put poultices on my arm and received massage from an osteopath. But these treatments were effective only to the extent that I found temporary relief.

Meanwhile, my neck began to throb with pain, so I went to see a doctor. He said to me, “You have a hernia, so you have no choice but to receive traction on your elbow or undergo surgery.” So, traction was used on my elbow over and over again, but I didn’t feel better at all.

A friend of mine recommended Tao Shiatsu therapy to me when I was at my wit’s end, so I lost no time in going to the Tao Sangha Center in Kyoto.

I underwent therapy in the calm and tidy atmosphere of the Tao Sangha Center. My pain eased and I felt relieved.

My therapist cheered me up, telling me, “You’ll feel better, little by little.” Now I undergo therapy once a week.

I had trouble focusing on my job when the pain was bad, but thanks to Tao Shiatsu therapy, I have relief from both the physical pain and mental anguish.

Therapist’s comment

The patient was quite delicate in a sense, and I understood this to be a result of his mild and warm personality.

He looked quite tired when I met him for the first time. Maybe it was because he couldn’t get the good results he expected even though he tried various kinds of therapies before he came to the Center.

It seemed as though he had a lot of Jaki (which is stagnated energy) at the back of his head, but he now seems able to put himself at ease in mind and body after therapy.

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