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Mysterious Energy

S.W (female in her forties, lives in Tokyo)

During my first Tao Shiatsu treatment the practitioner said, “Trust me, you’ll get well. This is the truth..” I really understood in that moment that Tao Shiatsu wouldn’t be successful unless we trusted each other.

At that time I had trouble moving a part of my body, not due to any accident. I always felt pain whenever I tried to move that part. The pain was a symptom of post traumatic stress after a nervous breakdown. I suffered from many other symptoms as well, which changed depending on my circumstances.

I work in the medical field and my job is extremely stressful. I feel like I cannot be myself, or express myself at work. I also feel like I might be fired from my job at any moment. When I started receiving treatments I let go of so much stress and had such a strong reaction that we had to stop the treatment for a while.

I have now been receiving treatments for six months. The part I couldn’t move has almost fully recovered. The recovery of movement created a sense of security in my body. I’m beginning to breathe properly again.

Now a different physical reaction to the treatment is happening. I continuously feel that my mind, body and spirit are separated from each other. It’s quite painful, but I tell myself that ‘the power to trust’ is leading me in a good direction little by little.

Why? Because through Tao Shiatsu I came to realize that the life force energy of the universe is effective in healing. It is natural that serious symptoms take time to recover. I’m now certain that if my therapist and I have a good relationship of mutual trust, that this mysterious force can bring me back to life again.
That’s my firm belief in Tao Shaitsu.
Anyway, I’m now beginning to get proper breathing back.

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