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What Is Tao Shiatsu Therapy?

Tao Shiatsu is a revolutionary Japanese healing method that activates innate healing. It harnesses the power of your mind, heart, and spirit to bring about healing from the subconscious to the physical level.

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What People Are Saying About Tao Shiatsu Therapy

A pain in my left leg started in August last year, then increased terribly. The doctor’s diagnosis was sciatic nerve pain, and his prescription was a suppository and painkiller. I took them about once a month, but nothing improved.

After a month of treatments, amazingly the pain is almost gone. My husband and I were so surprised by the result, and I did not have to take any days off from work.

Ms. F.

After a terrible accident 8 years ago, I felt like I was 92 years old all the time. I had no power or energy, felt my body as if it was 300lbs, and was always taking strong pain medication.

Then I had one Tao Shiatsu treatment and I felt motivated for the first time in 8 years to walk. So, I walked 4 km with my wife. She cried tears of joy!

Mr. S.

I will never forget my first experience with Tao Shiatsu. Even though I was in agony, I felt relaxed right away, I really felt cared for, not only on the physical level but as a human being who was suffering.

After treatment, I felt relief and had regained mobility. Within a few days, my lower back was pain-free.

Now my neck, with severe osteoarthritis, is pain-free. My knee that was operated on many times is also pain-free. I enjoy telemark skiing. My shoulder that had suffered a tear in the rotator cuff allows me to enjoy paddling my kayak again. I could go on and on….

Mr. R.

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