For the first blog of the year, let’s talk about New Year’s Resolutions.

Realizing a New Year’s Resolution is actually a way to realize any wish. You just need to be determined about it. And there are two things you need to be determined about: one is that you’ll “do whatever is necessary” and the other is “you’ll do it no matter how long it takes.”

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You don’t have to decide what to do or make a plan how to realize your resolution. You only have to firmly decide to do whatever is necessary, no matter how long it takes.

It’s like deciding the future. You envision what you want in the future, and decide to “do whatever is necessary, no matter how long it takes.” When you decide these two things, you don’t have to think about what needs to be done, or how to create it; your actions, the words you speak, and your thoughts already automatically promote your wish.

Also, there are some tips to make this work easier.

The first tip is to “have Faith.”
As you can guess, if you don’t have faith in your wish, your wish will not be realized. It’s not gonna happen. It’s so obvious right? So, have faith in the realization of your wish. Then you’ll be in the flow of energy of wish realization of the Universal Spirit.

Another tip is that your wish should be for others.
If your wish is to come true, you’ve got to have some good fortune. Maybe Lady Luck will smile on you, or you’ll be in a situation that helps your wish along. In other words, you need outside help. It could come from other people, from something or someone like Lady Luck, a particular situation you are in, or from another person. But if your wish is selfish, who would want to help you with it? Do you think goddesses like selfish people?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make wishes for yourself, but when you do make a wish, be sure that you consider the happiness of others in it. And, actually, if your wishes include the happiness of others, it will be easier for you to get help!

One final tip is to not leave a gap in your determination to have your wish fulfilled.
You may have decided “to do whatever is necessary” and to do it “no matter how long it takes,” but whenever you allow space to come between your wish and your determination to fulfill it, evil will sneak in, or your ego will whisper to you, giving you all kinds of excuses to not remain determined. For example, your ego may sneakily suggest such excuses as “it’s not time for this now,” “let’s wait for another opportunity,” “someone is standing in our way,” or “because such-and-such a thing is happening, we’d better wait for now.” And so on and so forth.

You may have millions of excuses, but if you’ve decided what to do, there is only one way forward: do not leave any space for ego to interfere with your determination.

When your wish dwells in you, you are living in your wish, and your wish will be realized.

So, let’s make New Year’s Resolutions that will create a bright future for everyone! Let’s make it happen!

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