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Deborah Bachmann

Deborah Bachmann

Born into a hard-working family in the U.S. heartland of Wisconsin, Deborah grew up with an early interest in Japan, health and healing, helping others, and making the world a better place.

She is among the first members who studied Tao Shiatsu and Nembutsu chanting in Kyoto back in the 90s in Ryokyu and Mayu Endo’s living room. Four years of intensive training and immersion in eastern culture clarified for Deb that physical, emotional, social, individual and group symptoms and pains are not separate from each other, that the source of healing is in developing our spiritual heart and health for the benefit of all.

In 2000 she established the Tao Sangha Healing Centre in Madison, WI. Deb’s sincere and humble approach touches hearts and creates good relationships between the Sangha community and it’s neighbors and local organizations. She also enjoys spending time with children, growing flowers and organic vegetables in her garden, and playing ping pong.

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