A few years ago I was referred a woman in her 40’s who had pain in her arms following biopsy of her axilla for diagnosis of staging of her lung tumors. She was diagnosed with bilateral malignant tumors eight on the left and 12 on the right lung. Because of a past history of liver failure , she was unable to receive chemotherapy or surgery, because there were too many tumors present. When she came to me for treatment she was experiencing terrible pain on her right arm and leg and pain in the region of her liver in the abdomen. She was also very tired and distressed. She was refuge from Mexico and was living here with her husband and teenage children and a 6 year old son with multiple handicaps who needed a lot of care so a lot of stress on top of her illness.
After a couple of months of treatment she stopped me at the beginning of the session and said “ I want to tell you how much this treatment has helped me” “ My oldest son told me, Mom you have changed so much recently, you don’t yell and get angry at us like before something is really different” She said “ You know , I am Happy now “ “ Before I was always troubled and worried and could not eat or sleep well” “Everything seems possible”

I have treated her now for over two years. She received MRI scans to follow her tumors size. After 6 month the growth slowed and then stopped, then the majority of the tumors began to shrink. The doctors had no explanation other than “Sometimes this happens”

She regularly expresses her gratitude towards the treatments and how they have affected her life and continue to do so.

Jeanne Cronin

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