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Lower Back Pain

There are many causes of lower back pain. The most common cause is “Small Intestine Kyo,” which is from shock or the long effect from an accident, or from prolonged mental stress.

After an accident, if Small Intestine Kyo stays distorted, it becomes the cause of lower back pain.

For example, in one case, a person fell from the stairs when he/she was a child, and then that distortion appeared in adulthood. The reason for Small Intestine Kyo is that the Small Intestine meridian contains blood vessels as an anatomical organ, and when an accident happens, the most concerning injury is bleeding.

“You cannot sustain life without blood.”

Therefore, by biological reaction, the body becomes Small Intestine Kyo the moment we are shocked in an accident and tries to protect our life by contracting our blood vessels.

As above, Small Intestine Kyo is the cause of lower back pain, and it can be easily healed through Tao Shiatsu treatment

By Ryokyu Endo

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