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Freedom From Worry

J.A (female in her thirties, lives in Yokohama, Japan)

Since receiving Tao Shiatsu, I am experiencing great relief from pain in my mind and body.

Before going for Tao Shiatsu, I always felt groggy. I was worried a lot about my past and family and was always hard on myself. A physician I went to see diagnosed my illness as a psychosomatic disorder.

I was in counseling for years, but still only felt better one day and worse the next. I was unable to get rid of my troubles as easily as I expected.

I continued to look for other treatments and found a book written by Mr. Endo. The Tao Sangha Center in Tokyo was not far from my home, so I made an appointment with a Tao Shiatsu therapist.

I began to have a response after the first few treatments. Worries appeared strongly on the surface of my consciousness and I had a difficult time. I didn’t know what was happening to me at first and sometimes I felt a little panicked.
I felt uneasy about whether I should keep going for the Tao Shiatsu treatments. At the same time I had a mysterious sense of release from my troubles, and came to feel that I wanted to keep having treatments.

As I talked to my shiatsu therapist and continued with treatments, I began to feel relieved. I realized it was a good decision.

It continued like this, feeling my persistent worries and sadness on the surface of my consciousness then feeling released from them little by little. I had been troubled for years, but suddenly, like magic, I came to realize that I had a feeling of freedom.

I think that unlike other treatment and counseling of Western Medicine and Oriental Medicine I’ve had until now, Tao Shiatsu doesn’t diagnose only the body, only the mind, or only the affected part. It diagnoses and heals the whole body.

I felt that Tao Shiatsu didn’t search for the affected part, but it took things as they were and treated my whole body. Because the whole Tao Sangha Center was like that as well, I came to open my heart and change.

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