I once received an urgent call from a man who was seeking help for his wife who was suffering from painful sciatica, not able to sleep and care for her two youngest children 18 month old twins. I met Y. later that day. She is a fit and slim 52 year old woman who has been suffering from sciatica since the birth of her twin boys at age 50 ! Recently she was unable to sleep because of the pain and could not lift her young children or be very active in their care because of her condition putting a lot of stress on her husband.
After the treatment I gave her my availability in the coming days and told her about possible reactions to the treatment. I did not hear from her.

After 6 months she phoned to make an appointment for herself and her mother. She had not experienced any sciatica during that time and wanted to bring her mother for care. She had only a small stiffness in the lateral leg.

Jeanne Cronin

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