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Echo of Gratitude

E.Y (female from Japan)

I found a book that Mr. Endo wrote and then started to undergo Tao shiatsu therapy.

The book curiously writes about Ki, an active principle that exists as part of the human body, namely channels through which energy flows. Although it is invisible, Ki is about the relationship between energy flow and the body.

I almost never experienced such a world. So, I was a little bit on edge when I contacted him for the first time. But I remember that I felt relieved because of his considerate warmhearted openness.

Through Tao shiatsu therapy, I’ve learned to be careful about my mind and body and also to be aware of things that actually exist and are largely connected to each other.

I’ve received a lot of insights on improving myself physically and mentally as I’ve undergone his treatment and learned basic Tao shiatsu myself.

I feel so good that I can feel my body is light every time after therapy.

I’m really happy to know that Tao therapy has been developed to diagnose the entire body through the channels of energy that supply our physical bodies.

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