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Tao Shiatsu Therapist / Tao Shiatsu Monk:

  • Is certified at a Tao Sangha Temple and practices physically / mentally /spiritually, and continues to do their best at all times.
  • Takes responsibility for one’s life mission, one’s words, and the happiness of others.

Shuren Tao Shiatsu Basic Course (6 months)

<1> Program

Based on Buddhist philosophy, experiencing Ki energy and studying the Way and Heart of Tao Shiatsu.

  • Feel Ki
  • Tsubo Basic
  • Ki Do-In: Renki / Kishindo
  • Basic Form 1
  • Ki Communication

After completing the preparatory course, students are eligible to continue to Shoden Level 1 Class.

<2> Schedule / Fees

One weekend a month, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm.
$1,080 (6 months, 12 days) or $180 per month. Course programming and fees may vary slightly by center.
*Flexible payment schedule is available.

<3> Entering the Shoden Level 1 Training

After the six-month Preparatory Course, there will be a two-day review and a Shoden entrance exam.

Shoden Level 1 Class

The curriculum is based on the 56 Tao Heart philosophies.
Beginning a journey inside the heart into the wonderful world of Ki.

  • Renki 1
  • Kishindo 1
  • Basic Form 2
  • SST 18 Points
  • Ki Communication 1

When students pass the exams for all five levels of the Level 1 curriculum, they will be eligible for the next level, Monk training class. Shoden Level 1 usually requires 2 years of study. Classes are one weekend per month

*there is $10/month, $120 per year Tao Shiatsu Student member fee will that will apply over and above the Shoden Class fee of $160 per week-end (class fee may vary by area).

Monk Training Class

  • Kishindo
  • Basic Form 3 and secret of transmission
  • Meridian Recognition and Treatment
  • Sho Diagnostic
  • Buddhist Enlightenment (through Nembutsu Samadhi Chanting)
  • Treatment practicals

After students pass the exams for all five levels, they’ll receive certificate of Tao Shiatsu Therapist and their profile put up on the Tao Shiatsu global website.

** Tao Shiatsu Therapists are required to pay yearly member fees and continue their training after completing all tests (minimum 2 week-ends per year).

< Tao Shiatsu Therapist Exams >

  • Basic Form 2 (with Yin and Yang)
  • Renki 2 / Kishindo 2
  • Meridian Diagnostic and Treatment
  • Ki Communication
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