Lower back pain and more

I will never forget my first experience with Tao Shiatsu. I had been suffering from lower back pain for many years and had been treated by an osteopath. One morning, my back seized up, I called my osteopath and was told I could be seen at the end of the following week. Needless to say, […]

Knee Pain

Many people suffer from knee pain, and there are various causes. For example, the cause may be a lack of Ki in the Bladder meridian. In this case, the function of eliminating water waste becomes more difficult, and water accumulates around the knee. This causes knee pain. In Tao Shiatsu, we treat the distortion in […]

Healing Terrible Knee Pain and Cultivating the Mind

K. W (male, lives in Japan) One day I was riding the train. Suddenly, it came to an abrupt stop, causing the other passengers to surge and fall down on me, injuring my right knee. The impact caused terrible pain initially, but after a few days, the pain disappeared, and life went on as usual. […]