I felt like I was 92 years old all the time.

Patient Stories: Edwin After a terrible accident 8 years ago, I felt like I was 92 years old all the time. I had no power or energy, and felt my body as if it was 300lbs! Then I had one Tao Shiatsu treatment and I felt motivated for the first time in 8 years to […]

Working on My Heart and Emotions

Working on My Heart and Emotions

Working on My Heart and Emotions Ms. M.M. (from Tokyo) One day I came across Ryokyu sensei’s book Tao Shiatsu: Life Medicine for the 21st Century. The book shows how Tao Shiatsu was structured through Ryokyu sensei’s realizations from his training and experience based on Oriental medical philosophy. Its contents may be criticized by some […]

For some reason, I want to continue treatment

For some reason, I want to continue treatment

M.U. (female in her forties, lives in Tokyo) I fell down the steps at a station at the end of November. I took it lightly and just put poultices on my legs, but the dull pain didn’t disappear even after the new year. At a New Year’s gathering I was unable to sit on my […]

Nightmares for as long as I can remember

It was a very common explanation before the Tao Shiatsu treatment. The patient explained that she had a hard time sleeping, and her nights were very restless and she always woke up tired in the morning. And she asked me if the treatment would help her sleep and feel rested in the mornings. As she […]

ENT disease (otorhinolaryngologic disease)

By Ryokyu Endo First of all, giving a treatment in Oriental medicine is not about diagnosing a disease. However, analyzing “disease” within the physical dimension is attractive to patients, because the explanation of disease in Western medicine is very clear. So, for most people, it is seen as easy to understand. Here are some examples: […]

Tao Shiatsu, a Loving Shiatsu Therapy

K.H (female in her fifties, lives in Yokohama, Japan) For almost 20 years, I was so sensitive to cold temperatures, that my feet were cold all year round. Even when people around me complained of the heat, I often felt cold. The worst was when it was very hot outside. I had to wear a […]

Becoming a new person

E. S (female in her fifties, lives in Otsu, Japan) I think that I began to go to the Tao Sangha Center in Kyoto in October 2005. It was at a time when my husband and I were having troubles and my mind and body was so tired. I had a panic disorder and couldn’t […]