Lung Cancer

A few years ago I was referred a woman in her 40’s who had pain in her arms following biopsy of her axilla for diagnosis of staging of her lung tumors. She was diagnosed with bilateral malignant tumors eight on the left and 12 on the right lung. Because of a past history of liver […]

Ureteral Calculus

More than twenty years ago, one of my patients was a well known psychoanalyst. I was learning psychotherapy. At first, I received a dream interpretation from him. He suffered from ureteral calculus, and later it became his turn to receive a Tao Shiatsu treatment. Ureteral calculus is a disease in which stones gets clogged in […]

Tao Shiatsu, a Loving Shiatsu Therapy

K.H (female in her fifties, lives in Yokohama, Japan) For almost 20 years, I was so sensitive to cold temperatures, that my feet were cold all year round. Even when people around me complained of the heat, I often felt cold. The worst was when it was very hot outside. I had to wear a […]