ENT disease (otorhinolaryngologic disease)

By Ryokyu Endo First of all, giving a treatment in Oriental medicine is not about diagnosing a disease. However, analyzing “disease” within the physical dimension is attractive to patients, because the explanation of disease in Western medicine is very clear. So, for most people, it is seen as easy to understand. Here are some examples: […]

Lower Back Pain

There are many causes of lower back pain. The most common cause is “Small Intestine Kyo,” which is from shock or the long effect from an accident, or from prolonged mental stress. After an accident, if Small Intestine Kyo stays distorted, it becomes the cause of lower back pain. For example, in one case, a […]

Ureteral Calculus

More than twenty years ago, one of my patients was a well known psychoanalyst. I was learning psychotherapy. At first, I received a dream interpretation from him. He suffered from ureteral calculus, and later it became his turn to receive a Tao Shiatsu treatment. Ureteral calculus is a disease in which stones gets clogged in […]

Knee Pain

Many people suffer from knee pain, and there are various causes. For example, the cause may be a lack of Ki in the Bladder meridian. In this case, the function of eliminating water waste becomes more difficult, and water accumulates around the knee. This causes knee pain. In Tao Shiatsu, we treat the distortion in […]