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Atopy and Trauma

Y (Female in 30’s)

Y was a college student. She was suffering from atopy, and her neck and shoulders were severely tight. Y also felt a constant choking sensation deep inside neck. Her mood was gloomy, and she was not motivated to attend school. She spent most of her time withdrawn from the world. In spite of her age, her first impression was someone who was carrying a heavy weight of suffering and defeat.

The weekly treatment focused mainly on her neck. During or after the treatment, she would talk about her feelings and thoughts. She said that her symptom and mood improved after the treatment, but it didn’t last too long.

Realization of what had suppressed her

When Y was growing up, her mother dominated her, and she couldn’t make her own life decisions. After Y left home to attend college, she began living alone. Then she felt the long years of oppression manifest as her symptoms. She realized that when she scratched herself because of atopy, it was like expressing her resistance towards her mother. As we continued the treatment, many unexpressed emotions poured out of her. She had a hard time facing these emotions, but little by little she gained composure and was able to face these emotions calmly. Although her symptoms had not healed completely, she felt there were changes inside herself.


A few months after beginning treatment, Y resumed her trumpet practice after long time without playing, and there were more smiles on her face. She also attended “Ki and Heart School,” and her attitudes and actions became more positive and outgoing. One day, Y invited me to a concert by the orchestra to which she belonged. I was truly impressed and excited to see the changes in her. The music began in the sold-out auditorium. As I watched Y playing her trumpet with all her body and soul, I felt her long years of suffering and I was touched. It was an unforgettable, fantastic concert.

Now Y has been re-accepted to study music in a college out of town, and she is living a busy life.

Yuko Nomoto

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