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Amazingly, the Pain is Almost Gone

MS K.H. in her Forties (lives in Japan)

A pain in my left leg started in August last year, then increased terribly. The Doctor’s diagnosis is sciatic nerve pain, and his prescription was a suppository and pain killer. I took them about once a month, but nothing improved.
The Doctor said that I had to either have an injection to interrupt the nerve signal system or surgery if I want to get better faster. “Could I continue working? What about walking?” – even with these worries, I didn’t want to have an injection orsurgery.

One day, my husband bought me a book by Endo Sensei. It was an introduction to Tao therapy.
I read it and decided to receive Tao therapy as a last resort. It was far away from my house and at that time, walking 50 meters felt like forever, so, I asked my husband to take me there every week.

After a month of treatments, amazingly the pain is almost gone. My husband and I were so surprised by the result, and I did not have to take any days off from work, and starting this year, I can go there by train myself! I would like to care for my health, and feel grateful for it. Please let me, through my story, introduce Tao therapy to anybody in trouble.

Comment from practitioner

She has been receiving Tao Shiatsu once a week, and each time she’s getting better than the time before. I am really glad to see her improvement every week. She is a very positive minded person and I think that this has really helped her recovery.

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