A couple of weeks ago I wrote “Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise” and this is a continuation of it.

About action:
In Tao Sangha teachings, action is meant to create a better future for self and others. (Of course, this action includes the three karma explained here.)

And to create a better future, it is very important to be careful NOT to make exceptions and conditions. Somehow it is in our subconsciousness to make those, and I think it is because of the way we are educated. When we learn and take an exam, in science class or a thought experiment, we limit the conditions and avoid mixing elements. For science to accept results as being correct or verified, they must be reproducible — the results must be reproducible under the same conditions, so strict conditions are imposed in order to control a situation or experiment.

The etymology of the word “science” includes “skei-” (to cut or split). The original idea of science is to understand the nature of the world we live in, but we have split and divided the world so it’s easier to recognize. Somehow when we succeed in understanding the world, we develop a materialistic view of the world. We separate the material world, which is easily recognizable and reproducible, but this view leaves out a large part of our existence: from the non-material world, the things we do not see with our eyes, the non-material part, spirituality.

And because we limit ourselves to this material world, we forget that we have the power to create the future.

We learn at a school or in society that in this (physical, material) world, everything comes from and continues from the past, and occurs as it happened; we repeat ourselves the same way we do experiments in science class, and put all kinds of conditions and limiting exceptions on our lives. Science and exclusivity have grown together.

To look at things or to do things conditionally means that we are projecting so we can see what we want to see. These projections come from our ego, our inner hungry ghost. (Actually, we all have both an inner Bodhisattva and an inner hungry ghost.)

Anyway, this habit of making exceptions and conditions lies deep inside us. To recognize this habit and get over it is a first step in living in the flow of universal energy.

To fulfill the creation of a better future for self and others requires just two principles:
1. Decide that no matter what obstacles come along, you are going to make it happen.
2. Decide that no matter how long it takes, you are going to make it happen.

If you do this, then your three karma (actions, words, and thoughts) are automatically aligned to an image of the future. And, in this way, there are no exceptions, conditions, or excuses. You don’t even need to think about what you need to do: just decide, and you will be in the flow of universal energy, unified with the world.

Let’s decide to create a better future!

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