My last blog was about creating a happy future by taking responsibility for your own actions, words, and images (thoughts) within the field you recognize. In this blog I‘ll explain about deepening that practice.

Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise

In Buddhist Sutras it says that a person has 840 million thoughts a day; maybe some of them are positive thoughts and maybe some of them are negative thoughts. We then speak and make actions from those thoughts.

A lot of thoughts

When a person decides on a happy future and performs some action (or says or imagines it — it’s all the same at the Ki level), in that moment, the person needs to be careful about the effects of their action. How that action affects the field in front of them, the field they are in. If that action makes people around them relaxed, motivated, energized, or even feel lighter or brighter, then that action is surely creating a happy future. But it doesn’t always happen that way; sometimes an action makes someone feel anger, fear, or sadness, or makes them feel tense, insecure, or uncomfortable; in that case, the field of Ki has been lowered and this will have the effect of making the future darker, even if that wasn’t the intention.

So, if we want to have a happy future, we have to be responsible for our actions, and how our actions affect the field in front of us.

Of course, sometimes it might seem easy, and sometimes it is difficult. And when something doesn’t go as we thought it would, it feels as though you want to say things like: “I’m not wrong,” “It’s because of the situation/because of that person/because of … ,” — there’s a very sweet temptation to make excuses about it or blame someone else. But in this moment, if you can hold back those excuses and check your action and the result of your action calmly, and think “I’m responsible for this outcome,” this is the only way to grow spiritually.

Happy Future

You can imagine the opposite of this spiritual growth. It is to just keep making excuses, to cry and scream — whatever reaction you want; it is to spread negative, selfish actions, words, and thoughts, and think subconsciously that “someone else will take care of me.” A person who acts in this way is spiritually a baby, and they need attention and care. Responsibility is not given by someone or something else, it is a way in which to live: live responsibly. And if someone takes responsibility for their actions, there is remorse. Because there are always chances to grow, as many as there are for taking responsibility, being able to sincerely remorse results in growth. As much as you sincerely remorse, you will be able to grow and receive wisdom. Being able to take on responsibility results in growth. And at the moment you begin to grow, you’ll have gratitude. Gratitude for the chance that’s been given to you, gratitude that you are able to face a challenge and overcome it, and gratitude for the wisdom you received. Then you’ll be able to praise the life you’ve been given, praise the opportunity you’ve been given, and praise the people around you, who help you to grow even sometimes as your opponent. When you have this kind of heart, your actions, words, and thoughts will be so much clearer and will create a happy future for the world. Turn the wheel of the cycle of Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise to create a happy future.

Dharma Wheel

I’ll explain each step in my blog soon.
Each of these steps is connected to the Wisdom of the Universe.

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