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20 years of Lower Back Pain – Like an Old Friend

I had been ready to give up and accept having back pain for the rest of my life. It’s been over 20 years since the first moment that I felt pain in my back. I just accepted it as a part of my body.

But, when I went to a summer camp three years after the pain began, it became very intense and I couldn’t move. I then went to have several types of treatment. These were okay and I a little better, and thought “this is the way it is”. But because of the fear of the intense pain returning I was still looking for something else to make me feel better.

I found Tao therapy, and after 3 months I felt “well maybe it’s a little better….” Then after a year, I just realised one day that I don’t have that stubborn pain any longer, even though, I was putting my hand right to my lower back.

After 15 months. I realised that the lower back issue was an appearance of my psychological experiences in my life. I also realised that these are still in other parts of my body. I really feel grateful to Tao therapy….. I tell can you instead of my body telling you. Tao therapy is simply purifying a big pile of pain of my heart that I haven’t taken care of ( it’s called “Jaki” in Tao therapy apparently) for long time.

I am so happy to feel my body is coming back to its natural condition Gwith once a week Tao therapy treatments. Definitely, I will continue to receive treatment !

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