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Expiration time on Emotions

What’s the Expiration Time on Emotions? Recently, one of my patients told me a story about what his moods have been like lately. He said, “I was in such a bad mood yesterday, all day long. But I'm...

Praise: To Share the Joy

This is the last part of the “Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise” cycle. When you praise, the most important thing is to have the heart of a child. The heart of a child is always excited about...

Gratitude: To share the warmth

This is a continuation of my “Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise” blog. Gratitude is a very common word, but also a very much misused word. People might say, “I know what gratitude is,” and they...

Remorse: To Be Free

Let’s continue with “Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise.” This time I’ll talk about “Remorse” — and you might wonder about the title, about what the connection between remorse and being free is....

Action: To Create a Better Future

A couple of weeks ago I wrote “Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise” and this is a continuation of it. About action: In Tao Sangha teachings, action is meant to create a better future for self and...

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