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For some reason, I want to continue treatment

For some reason, I want to continue treatment M.U. (female in her forties, lives in Tokyo) I fell down the steps at a station at the end of November. I took it lightly and just put poultices on my...

Relief from Arm Pain

Relief from Arm Pain T.N. (male in his fifties, lives in Maikata) My upper arm and elbow started to throb with pain a year ago. It became so painful that I couldn’t sleep well at night. The doctor I...

Healing from confidence to treatment

Female living in Japan                                     I had a car accident three years ago. I was hit from behind while waiting for a green light. The orthopaedic doctor diagnosed me with...

Sudden Outbreak of Atopic Dermatitis

K.T. (30-year-old female from western Tokyo) A few years ago, I had a sudden outbreak of atopic dermatitis. When the symptoms were severe, I used a dermatologist-prescribed medicine and ointment...

Forgotten back pain

I once received an urgent call from a man who was seeking help for his wife who was suffering from painful sciatica, not able to sleep and care for her two youngest children 18 month old twins. I...

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