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What Is the “Right View”?

The Right View is the first part of the Buddhist eight-part practice called the Noble Eightfold Path, which will lead you to Nirvana, or the Pure Land. The first of the eight paths is called the...

Break the Illusion of the Retirement Plan Attitude

After I retire: “That’s it! I’m free, I’ll do whatever I want to do.” After I die: “That’s it! It’s finished, done, it’s over.” After I’m enlightened: “That’s it! I don’t have to practice anymore.”...

Are You a Drifter?

My last two blogs, "Expiration Time on Emotions" and "Stand on Our Own," talk about our responsibility as human beings and, in relation to this, I just read Napoleon Hill’s book called Outwitting...

Stand on Our Own

My last blog topic was about taking responsibility for our emotions, and this time I’ll talk about what motivates us to do that and what makes us not do it. Those who take responsibility for their...

Expiration time on Emotions

What’s the Expiration Time on Emotions? Recently, one of my patients told me a story about what his moods have been like lately. He said, “I was in such a bad mood yesterday, all day long. But I'm...

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