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Action: To Create a Better Future

A couple of weeks ago I wrote “Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise” and this is a continuation of it. About action: In Tao Sangha teachings, action is meant to create a better future for self and...

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Have a Free Mind, Like a Child!

A couple of days ago I posted "The Emperor’s New Clothes" on Facebook, and wrote: ------------------------------------- Everyone knows this story. But do you see the trick of a scammer? Would you be...

Hold Ego

This week I was teaching a class, and it seems like the concept of “Hold Ego” wasn't clear to the students, so, I’ll just try to clarify it here. “Hold Ego” is the first thing taught to students who...

Action – Remorse – Gratitude – Praise

My last blog was about creating a happy future by taking responsibility for your own actions, words, and images (thoughts) within the field you recognize. In this blog I‘ll explain about deepening...

What Is True Human Nature?

Today I’d like to talk about true human nature. “Human nature” usually means “what makes people human” or “what the essence of a human being is.” “So God created mankind in his own image, in the...

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