Tao Shiatsu Therapy

Miracle Healing Transmitted by Buddhist Monks

Spiritual Journey in Kyoto – October, 2018

Experience the beauty of Old Kyoto and enrich your deepest self through guided study with Buddhist monks.

Spiritual Journey in Kyoto – (Oct 2-8)

Tao Shiatsu Therapy Frees Woman from Back and Shoulder Pain

As a result of her regular Tao Shiatsu treatments, Jeannette is now free from back and shoulder pain. For a long time, back and shoulder discomfort prevented her from doing the things she loved and...

I felt like I was 92 years old all the time.

Patient Stories: Edwin After a terrible accident 8 years ago, I felt like I was 92 years old all the time. I had no power or energy, and felt my body as if it was 300lbs! Then I had one Tao Shiatsu...

Tao Shiatsu Introductory Course – Toronto

For those interested in learning more about the deep healing of Tao Shiatsu: This 40-hour Introductory Course will start April 27,28, 2019,(One weekend a month x3). (May 25,26 and June...

Working on My Heart and Emotions

Working on My Heart and Emotions Ms. M.M. (from Tokyo) One day I came across Ryokyu sensei’s book Tao Shiatsu: Life Medicine for the 21st Century. The book shows how Tao Shiatsu was structured...

From Despair to Seeing the Light

From Despair to Seeing the Light Y.Y. (female in her forties, lives in Yokohama) Many years ago, I was diagnosed with atrophic rhinitis, otherwise known as ozena. My symptoms included bad headaches,...

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