Tao Shiatsu Therapy

Miracle Healing Transmitted by Buddhist Monks

Sudden Outbreak of Atopic Dermatitis

K.T. (30-year-old female from western Tokyo) A few years ago, I had a sudden outbreak of atopic dermatitis. When the symptoms were severe, I used a dermatologist-prescribed medicine and ointment...
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Forgotten back pain

I once received an urgent call from a man who was seeking help for his wife who was suffering from painful sciatica, not able to sleep and care for her two youngest children 18 month old twins. I...
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Lung Cancer

A few years ago I was referred a woman in her 40’s who had pain in her arms following biopsy of her axilla for diagnosis of staging of her lung tumors. She was diagnosed with bilateral malignant...
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Victim of oppression

For the past five years I have been a member of an organization called RIVO. It is a network of therapists who treat refugees who were victims of torture and oppression in their home countries, and...
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Nightmares for as long as I can remember

It was a very common explanation before the Tao Shiatsu treatment. The patient explained that she had a hard time sleeping, and her nights were very restless and she always woke up tired in the...
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