Tao Shiatsu Therapy

Miracle Healing Transmitted by Buddhist Monks

A Spiritual Journey In Japan

A special guided exploration of Japanese Buddhism in Kyoto, the Heart of Ancient Japan

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Tao Shiatsu Intensive Study

A special week-long study with Master Ryokyu Endo in Kyoto

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Lower back pain and more

I will never forget my first experience with Tao Shiatsu. I had been suffering from lower back pain for many years and had been treated by an osteopath. One morning, my back seized up, I called my...
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Echo of Gratitude

E.Y (female from Japan) I found a book that Mr. Endo wrote and then started to undergo Tao shiatsu therapy. The book curiously writes about Ki, an active principle that exists as part of the...
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Untwisting the Pain of the Past and Creating a Bright Future

H.M (female in her fifties, lives in Komae, Tokyo) It was sheer luck that guided me to Tao Shiatsu. After injuring myself in a bicycle fall, I found myself tormented by pain for three days and...
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Freedom From Worry

J.A (female in her thirties, lives in Yokohama, Japan) Since receiving Tao Shiatsu, I am experiencing great relief from pain in my mind and body. Before going for Tao Shiatsu, I always felt groggy....
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ENT disease (otorhinolaryngologic disease)

By Ryokyu Endo First of all, giving a treatment in Oriental medicine is not about diagnosing a disease. However, analyzing “disease” within the physical dimension is attractive to patients, because...
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